About Our Process

Direct Communication

  • 01

    We will meet you in person and conduct a discovery meeting. We interview you and set goals.

  • 02

    We understand that entrepreneurship is time consuming. If you’re too busy to meet in person we can chat on the phone or Skype.

  • 03

    A lot of things can be discussed during meetings. We take notes and will e-mail them to you to have a record of what was discussed. Clutter is the enemy!

  • 04

    We can communicate in a way that is comfortable for you. Phone calls, in person, e-mail, Skype, text messages, Facebook, morse code, smoke signals, just name it.

Weekly Check-Ins

  • 01

    A weekly objective chart will be sent to you before your Monday morning coffee. We will follow up with any questions or concerns and let you know if there a problems.

  • 02

    Project management is our friend! We use Gantt charts in order to communicate progress and prioritize objectives. We keep you in the loop as we proceed.

  • 03

    Canadian Marketing Solutions is an extension of your network. We keep an open eye for you, even when you’re asleep. If we find out abut opportunities for you, we’ll let you know.

  • 04

    We revisit our projects and make sure remove any doubt or unclarity. We will revise changes with you so that we are all happy.

Ongoing Discovery

  • 01

    The fact is that seasons change and so does the market. Canadian Marketing Solutions is not going anywhere, and will take good care of your online real estate.

  • 02

    Analytics are everything. We use advanced tools to make sure that we are using resources to the best of our abilities. We will send you monthly reports and show you how your customers perceive you and adjust accordingly.

  • 03

    Brontobytes! It’s just a unit prefix, but we’ll have save information into a customer database and figure out whats the best strategy to apply to your database.

  • 04

    We like pie. Good pie takes time to bake, so once it’s ready we’ll show you graphs and charts of what works best.


Rishon Talkar

Team Leader & Business Analyst

Rishon has a hunger which can only be satiated with the sweet taste of success. With a background in IT, Statistics, and Marketing, Rishon is always on top of the latest business trends. Let’s just say his left side of the brain is firing on all cylinders.


Saul Bisk

Account Executive & Field Operations

Saul is our in-house youngen. His drive is unparalleled. Nothing makes Saul happier than helping a business reach its potential and will put everything on the line to make sure you’re happy.


Sandra Frankel

Creative Lead & Designer

Sandra is a recent graduate OCAD designer. Her gentle nature, but strong backbone play a role in expressing themselves through her designs. Sandra is known to have spent nights without sleep to ensure her clients’ artistic needs are met.


Hershel Stevens

Social Media Marketer

Hershel is passionate about Marketing. His expertise is improving businesses through Social Media. In addition to being the company clown, Hershel loves alternative music, movies, and clothing, and is always glued to his phone or tablet.


RJ Salamanca

Front End / iOS Developer

RJ makes worlds collide when you can either find him in the gym or the library. He is an amazing developer and is very, very, strong.


Patricia Mayumi

Web Developer

Just like any good programmer, Patricia is quiet and stays out of the limelight. Patricia makes up for her shyness by producing loud and engaging websites that are beautiful to the eye, and effective for your wallet.

Our Core Values

We Foster Education

We recognize the contribution that the academia has for the fresh mind. What we offer is a fast track for exceptional students to learn and implement the skills that school doesn’t offer. Canadian Marketing Solutions recognizes achievement above all else and will give you the tools to succeed in life.

We Pursue Excellence

Canadian Marketing Solutions is comprised of winners. We are a young, dynamic team lead by Fortune 500 leaders. Your growth is our medal and we will ensure that your account is tailored to produce maximum results.

We Practice Honesty

People tend to believe a bad review far better than a good one, so our ultimate goal is to make sure that our clients are happy. A happy client will spread the word and Canadian Marketing Solutions will grow. Anything less than a satisfied customer is not enough.

We Create Fun

Our biggest strength is our Bicep. Marketing is meant to create value, and the best way to do is by keeping content light and easy to read. You’ve tried the rest now try the best.