3 Ways to Avoid Epic Failures on Social Media

HershelSocial Media

No matter what social media platform you use, there are some basic no-noes. Like an esoteric bible for what NOT to do on social media. Here are some social media fails you should already have known to stay clear of: Recycle Carefully! – Using the same content on a Facebook page is not unheard of. Sometimes, you just got to … Read More

Big Data for Small Businesses


Inventory systems have been used by managers from the dawn of time. Supplies, soldiers, food stock and heads of cattle all have been tracked by their respective owners. With the industrial revolution, with the introduction of generally accepted accounting principles (not the GAAP introduced recently) business owners begun to keep tabs of customer behaviour. Purchasing trends, usage and other increasingly … Read More

Getting started: Build your army!

rishonEntrepreneurship 101

I started my first business 9 years ago, when I realized that the need to do something new overcame my need to maintain status quo. I just couldn’t do the same old sales job any more. So I gave my 2 weeks notice and started finding ways to make my ideas reality. The first thing I did was to research … Read More

How to survive the mobilegeddon in Toronto

rishonMobile Development

Google Mobilegeddon

Imagine yourself standing at the corner of Bay and Bloor at 12 pm on a Monday afternoon. You’re done your meetings and you’re hungry. You are standing between the TD bank and the Gap and are wondering what you can get to eat, spend under $10 and be back at the office in 25 minutes for your next appointment. You … Read More