Canadian Marketing Solutions offers a consolidated marketing service to small and medium businesses. We strive to build a long term relationship with you no matter which part of the life cycle you are at. We build intimate relationships with our customers and work to make your expertise on the industry sellable. In other words, we leverage opportunities for you.


Brand Identity

A brand is a promise. We need to work together to ensure that your customers are aware of the brand, know and trust it. Awareness. Conversion. Retention.


  • Design Driven
  • Emotional Appeal
  • Memorable
Brand Me

Marketing Strategy

There is so much clutter in the world of marketing. It’s hard to distinguish what strategy works. We are indigenous to Toronto and understand the market. Let us combine our expertise to increase sales and be top of mind with for your customers.


  • Research Driven
  • Creative & Innovative
  • Guerrilla
Lets Strategize


This is the age where everyone is plugged in. If you’re not there, you practically don’t exist. Digital marketing offers scalable solutions that allows us to refine each marketing campaign.


  • Trackable
  • Scalable
  • Responsive
Enter the Matrix

awareness. acquisition. Retention.

Canadian Marketing Solutions breaks down your goal into short term objectives.

Whether you haven’t made your first dollar or are looking for new markets to enter, CMS will assess the market. Our team of experts and hipsters will break the market down on different realms and develop a strategy, implement tactics that work and choose the media that your customers trust.

Want to leave an impression? Ask about our Guerrilla marketing campaigns. 

Looking for Solutions?

Free photography for new clients


 Bring out the best your business has to offer. A complimentary service to distinguish you which gives us the highest quality assets to show the world how awesome your business is.

consistent. stunning.


 Let our talented partners at Katan Studios do their work.

Forget likes. We create an ecosystem.

We have options

Not all businesses have the same needs. We get it, let’s talk business.


The perfect solution for Canadian small businesses who are looking to either start up or modernize their services. Don’t worry, we will continue to help you even after the project is done.

We’re going to assign an account manager who will answer any questions you may have.

  • Ideal for a small business
  • Build a relationship
  • Join our network


This is the ideal solution for a business preparing for growth. We will research the market, the industry and your customers, then create the perfect campaign.

We’re going to staple an account manager who will answer any questions and suggest the best options for you.

  • Growing business solution
  • Analytics and reports
  • Long-term results


This is the best option if you are looking for steady growth for any budget.

Your marketing efforts will deliver exciting content to reinforce your brand, keep customers engaged and track valuable information. Monthly reports will be sent to show you how we’re doing.

Canadian Marketing Solutions will assign an account executive to your company, who will meet you regularly.

  • Best for established businesses
  • Proactive thinking
  • Marketing consolidation